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Construction Expert Witness in Irvine, CA

Insightful Construction Expert Witness in Southern California and the Quad Cities region of Arizona

Construction can be complicated. When a case depends on a strong understanding of the facts behind a defect or failure, it’s essential to have witnesses who can properly explain the complex topics at hand. At Gentosi Construction Consulting & Litigation Support, we put our experience to work, providing testimony in many cases that impact lives, businesses, and community confidence.

From explaining the nature of a defect to answering questions about the scope and responsibility of a project, Paul Gentosi can help you make a persuasive case built on fact. As a long-time construction expert witness in Southern California and the Quad Cities region of Arizona, he knows how to:

  • Apply Industry Knowledge to a Legal Framework
  • Effectively Explain Concepts to a Lay Audience 
  • Lend Credibility and Confidence to a Case

Complete Witness Services

Each case is unique, and Gentosi can help you address the concerns most relevant to the claim. From explaining the nature of a defect to providing guidance on the necessary steps to fix an issue, Paul delivers the insight and confidence you need to build a persuasive case. When clients’ lives, livelihoods, and trust are on the line, that expertise makes all the difference. Learn more about our services for construction defect cases by contacting our team today.