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Gentosi — Expert Witness
Gentosi Construction Consulting and Litigation Support

Gentosi has been involved in construction his entire career. The Gentosi Company, established in 1946, is known throughout the industry for expertise in all areas of construction.

Paul Gentosi approaches construction claims by first developing a full understanding of the project and scope of the claim. Paul has gained the knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently investigate matters concerning architectural, construction, and engineering management issues.

Paul knows what it takes to properly analyze various construction documents and the performance of construction parties. This allows him to identify potential liability, quantify damage, and provide dispute resolution services.

Expert Testimony in Construction Defect Cases

A construction expert witness may be necessary to show that the defendant violated applicable construction standards. Expert testimony from a credible professional is necessary to determine whether the work meets the appropriate industry standards.

Additionally, expert testimony may also be required to communicate what needs to be done to fix a construction issue, as well as how much it will cost. At your request, Paul will gather all of the details necessary to prepare a report of any construction issues and how applicable standards may have been met or violated. As a seasoned construction defect expert witness, Paul has helped bring a successful resolution to many different cases, arriving at fair repair estimates and sensible plans for defect remediation.

Construction Defect Expert

Paul can analyze your construction documents and evaluate your issues to discover potential liabilities and quantify any damages. Contact his office today to discuss your case.