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Construction Management Services in Irvine, CA

Construction Management Services in Irvine, CA

The following lists represent the range of services available to clients under the guidance of Paul Gentosi. His extensive project experience has helped Paul gain the knowledge and experience needed to offer effective construction management services in Irvine, CA, to his clients.

Construction Management

Paul Gentosi has worked in one capacity or another in all phases of construction. He has performed the following duties which include working with the principal of the development firm that hires him. He acts as his or her fiduciary. They include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Pre-Construction Phase

  • Site selection
  • Selection of consultants for geotechnical review
  • Selection of the architect
  • Procurement of the Civil Engineer
  • Oversight of the CUP.
  • Design development drawings
  • Permit applications
  • Review of design development drawings
  • Review of construction phase drawings
  • Issuance of RFP for construction services
  • Review of general contractors
  • Develop bid package to be set out for bid
  • Develop bid form
  • Answer RFI during bid process or pass along to architect
  • Review of general contractor bids
  • Contractor selection and award

Construction Phase

  • Set parameters for construction
  • Review subcontractor selections
  • Attend weekly meetings on site to ensure:
    • Schedule adherence
    • Quality of work
    • Safety procedures
    • Review alleged delays to critical path
  • Review meeting minutes weekly
  • Review submittals for conformance to specifications as needed
  • Review RFI's as needed
  • Review payment applications monthly

Close-Out Phase

  • Conduct punch list walk
  • Collect close out and warranty package
  • Collect as built plans
  • Assure all unconditional finals are received.
  • Collect all warrantees and guarantees
  • Issue final payment to general contractor
  • Sign off on punch list
  • Cause Notice of Completion to be filed
  • File for Certificate of Occupancy